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The Dunbar Quilt

Dunbar Quilt, whole.jpg
Dunbar Quilt, details.jpg

In a recent visit to the Chesterville Historical Society, the members of GASL discovered the Dunbar Quilt.

"Dunbar Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society - 1929" quilt that was donated to the Chesterville and District Historical Society by Mrs. Betty Sullivan. The pdf document above gives a brief history of each person who donated money towards the quilt as a fund-raiser, starting in the centre inner circle with the name of M. W. Locke M.D. as 1.1, working clockwise around the circle. (1 being the first name in sequence and then going on to the 2nd circle, etc). Names in the outer circle or ring were worth 10 cents, 15 cents on the next ring, 20 cents on the next ring and finally 25 cents on the inner and smallest ring. The total available spots for sales were 443. The quilt was made in the Dunbar home of Mary Marcellus and Myrna Marcelis with the help from other members of the Ladies Aid Society. The quilt was almost full (two open spots) and would have generated $ 66.90. Years later, the quilt showed up in Winchester and was bought at the Etcetera Antique Store by Betty Sullivan.  

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